New Year - New Products: Access Doors and Panels Top 10 Best Selling Panels

New Year - New Products: Access Doors and Panels Top 10 Best Selling Panels

Access Doors and Panels on 30th Jan 2019

New Year - New Products: Access Doors and Panels Top 10 Best Selling Panels

Looking to purchase an access panel by a trusted and reliable company? Check out Access Doors and Panels array of access panels. With exceptional customer service and a fully stocked inventory, Access Doors and Panels shares the Top 10 panels that consumers seek. No matter where you are, how big the job, let Access Doors and Panels provide you with panels to suit your job and budget.

Here are the Top 10 panels that you can find at competitive prices and shipped within days to you –

Fire Rated Insulated Access Door

Our selection of fire rated access doors is ideal for both a commercial and residential setting. Our fire rated panels come both insulated and not, as well as insulation on a wall or ceiling. With competitive prices, our fire rated insulated access door is a five-star product where consumers can rely on quality. With fire ratings that adhere to commercial building codes, the fire rated insulated access door is ideal in HVAC utility rooms and industrial kitchens to name a few locations.

Not sure of what kind of fire rated access panel you need for the job? We have categories to make finding that perfect panel easy and simple. From the consideration of the burn rate to the material and installation location, Access Doors and Panels makes finding that panel simple.

Buyer Recommendation: 8 x 8 Fire Rated Insulated Access Door with Flange

General Purpose Access Door

In the market for an overall multi-purpose panel that can be used in any setting or anywhere? The general-purpose access door will fit against any wall, floor or ceiling. They can be insulated or not, as well as being heavy duty steel or aluminum. They are often a choice access panel for contractors and builders looking for a quick and simple solution – residential or commercial, the general-purpose access door can be found in any environment or setting. Unsure about the size? Or have specific requirements? Access Doors and Panels offer the ability to have general purpose access doors customized to your needs – and that means measurement.

Whether it’s a general-purpose panel that has a magnetic strip, adjustable, hidden or recessed – we break down the categories of general-purpose doors to help buyers meet their needs.

Buyer Recommendation: 12 x 12 Surface Mounted Access Panel

Wall Access Door

Upgrade and enhance that wall space with a wall access panel. Looking to conceal wires and pipers? A wall access door allows for tradesmen such as mechanics and plumbers to gain easy and simple access without any inconvenience. The simplicity of having a panel that allows for concealing the wiring and plumbing while still promoting some aesthetic appeal means a win for both the client and tradesmen.

So often contractors are asked about how to conceal the pipes and wiring while still maintaining the ability to have access to it for repairs and upgrades – the solution? A wall access door. They can be suitable in a commercial and residential setting and can vary in the material. From gypsum to drywall and plastic – depending on the location and the need, the material can be easily customized. Looking for something more than just a square panel? At Access Doors and Panels, we offer walk-through access panels therefore further enhancing functionality for mechanics and repairmen.

Buyer Recommendation24 x 60 Large Walk Through Access Door

Roof Hatch

Are your clients looking for a simple and cost friendly solution that allows for access to their rooftop? Contractors and builders have the solution, and they know they can rely on Access Doors and Panels to offer an array of roof hatchpanels to suit their needs. Our selection of access panels is designed with the option of having either galvanized or non-galvanized steel. With a material that is resistant to corrosion and rusting, our roof hatches are economical and are durable – perfect for any commercial or industrial building.

Buyer RecommendationAluminum Domed Roof Hatch - Acudor

Security Access Panel

In the market for a way to enhance your security? A security access panel not only enhances security but it also offers enhanced security with fire and soundproofing. At Access Doors and Panels, we offer a range of security access panels that range for low, medium and high security. Whether it’s aluminum or steel plated doors – our panels are designed with security in mind, but more importantly, we offer an array of security panels that won’t break the bank. From a single or double latch – let our Access Doors and Panels representatives guide you to the right security panel.

Buyer Recommendation:Top Security Access Door – Babcock-Davis

Stainless Steel Access Panel

In the market for a versatile and multi-functional access panel? Access Doors and Panels offers an array of stainless-steel access panels and doors. Whether you are looking to install an access panel or door in your roof, ceiling, wall or floor, we offer panels to suit any project need. Our stainless-steel panels offer a clean and sophisticated aesthetic appeal, which for clients is always the goal when it comes to concealing wires and plumbing. Commercial or residential, stainless steel access panels and doors can be found in hospitals, offices and apartment buildings.

Not only does Best Access Door offer an array of stainless panels, but our panels can be customized to suit any opening – no matter how big or small.

Buyer Recommendation:
 8.25 x 8.25 Aesthetic Access Door with Hidden Flange – Stainless Steel

LEED Access Panel

Have clients that are environmentally conscientious? Or maybe you are looking to design a building that exceeds environmental requirements and standards – at Access Doors and Panels, we offer LEED access panels. LEED, better defined as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and depending on the design of a building or rather how much of a building meets the LEED requirements, a project is given a rating. The higher the rating, the greater a builder, contractor and architect have strived to ensure an environmentally sustainable building.

Plaster Access Panel

Looking for versatility or maybe a budget-friendly solution to creating access through a wall or floor? Plaster access panels are an ideal choice when the wall is made of plaster or a client is seeking a solution that can be aesthetically appealing or customized. Plaster access panels can be flushed therefore hidden behind wallpaper or even a frame. Insulated or not, fire rated or not, plaster access panels are versatile and can be used in any setting.

Buyer Recommendation 8 x 12 Plastered Wall Access Door - ELMDOR

Sound Rated Access panel

Looking to enhance privacy or maybe drown out the buzzing and humming of an HVAC unit? A sound rated accesspanel can do the job. Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, a soundproof access panel is insulated to suppress the spreading of sound from one room to another. Soundproof panels can be made from plaster or steel but are always insulated with special padding. This is done to absorb the sound. So, the next time you find yourself hearing a buzzing or a white sound, a soundproof access panel can help.

Buyer Recommendation: 12 x 12 Sound Rated Access Panel – STC Series

Stucco Access Panel

Looking to install an access panel that can withstand the elements of Mother Nature? Stucco access panels are a great choice for exterior installation. They can withstand rain and snow – which is why many contractors or clients looking to install a panel facing outside will choose a stucco access panel. Designed with galvanized steel, these panels provide an air and watertight seal. Looking to add an extra layer of functionality and enhancement to your panel? Stucco panels can be insulated to maintain temperature and prevent any seeping.

Buyer Recommendation 12 x 12 Exterior Insulated Access Door for Stucco

Looking for a panel but not sure where to start? Why not visit us online at and see our wide array of panels to suit any budget or project.

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