The RAL Aluminum Access Door with Hidden Flange has a removable door, a 5/8" drywall insert, and an aluminum frame that blends in perfectly with walls or ceilings. The gasket restricts air and smoke infiltration.

Installation: Walls and ceilings

Material: Aluminum

Locking mechanism: Push latch

Hinge: Free pivot hinge

Flange: Hidden flange

Size: Other sizes available upon request


DOOR SIZE: 8" x 8"

MATERIAL: Extruded mill finish aluminum

HINGE: Concealed free pivot hinge. Hinge location: Hinges must be located on the first dimension (width). For wall installation, hinges must be located along the floor side (width).

FLANGE: 1" exposed aluminum flange

ROUGH OPENING: Door sizes + 3/8 " or + 9.5mm

FINISH: High-quality white powder coat primer

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