Since 1991, FAKRO has produced roof windows for the commercial construction industry, becoming the most dynamic and fastest-growing roof window manufacturer globally. Access Doors and Panels is proud to partner with FAKRO. We now offer many of their high-quality products designed for your security, safety, and improved environmental impact.

Our collection includes roof windows and skylights, including:

  • Wooden and PVC roof windows and skylights
  • Flat-roof skylights
  • Energy-efficient, Thermo roof windows
  • Roof access skylights
  • Light Tunnels

When you want to add more natural lighting to your commercial building, ask us about options for skylights! One of our highly sought-after products from FAKRO's line is the flat-roof skylight, which works well on flat-roof buildings. Another is the smoke ventilation window that helps expel smoke generated when a fire breaks out.

Access Doors and Panels is ready when you need high-quality FAKRO products, and we can ship directly to your location! Contact us at (800) 609-2917 to order your FAKRO products! Expect your materials to ship within three to five days through ground delivery.