Access Doors and Panels are proud to introduce to you our industry-leading product, the CAD PL Recessed Ceiling or Wall Access Door for Drywall from MIFAB.

The MIFAB Series CAD-PL recessed access door is designed for use in acoustic plaster walls and ceilings. The door panel is recessed 5/8” (16) and is lined with a self-furring metal lath to allow the insertion of plaster within the door panel. A 2 3/4” (70) wide metal lath extends from the perimeter of the frame. Only the thickness of the door and frame edges are exposed. It has a unique white finish.

Product Specifications;

  • Material: 16 gauge satin coat steel
  • Lock/Latch: 5 x Screwdriver Operated Cam Latch
  • Flange: 2 3/4‚ steel lath flange
  • Hinge: Concealed Pivot Pins
  • Finish: Primed white finish

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