Improve aesthetics and functionality in commercial facilities through the use of access doors. Our Cendrex access panels can help preserve entry to critical areas behind walls and ceilings and facilitate component maintenance and repairs. View our wide product selection today which includes a fire rated door, floor hatch, draft stop door, general purpose door, recessed door, roof hatch, security door, and glass fiber reinforced access door.

For special applications, Access Doors And Panels offers valve boxes with hidden flange, with window and hidden flange, and insulated aluminum access doors from Cendrex. These doors are ideal for applications in commercial, industrial, institutional as well as residential buildings.

Our popular flush access door with concealed hatch and drywall flange is practical with removable, concealed spring, pin type hinges and push-to-close latches. Once the corner bead is plastered, the door becomes almost invisible. The EDG-GYP is durable and economical with steel based door and frame construction. It is perfect for application on walls or ceilings composed of any material. This product is ready to ship in only 5 days.

For an elegant and subtle finish, use the contour access door with hidden flange and latch. The door’s slightly beveled panel closes over the flange, thereby creating a truly modern appearance. Due to the choice of materials used and shortened assembly time, this door is considered an economical option. Installation is quick and easy.

Take advantage of the quality products in the market. Choose our Cendrex access panels now! For orders and inquiries, call us at 1-800-609-2917.