As a builder, you have to ensure that your structure keeps up with high standard performance over the years. To protect your client’s property investment, using the proper quality of materials should be on your priority list. Whether you are assigned to work on a building project for commercial, industrial, or residential use, always choose MIFAB access panels for added security and functionality in your indoor and outdoor facilities.

Access Doors And Panels is dedicated to providing our clients with sturdy doors that fit a variety of applications. Whether you are preserving access to building fixtures behind walls, ceilings or beneath floors, our products have the proper rating, opening size, and other significant features to deliver the results you want.

Our special product selection from MIFAB includes a range of insulated and uninsulated access panels that are fire rated. Our insulated fire rated door has a fire rating of 3 hours in walls and 2 hours in ceilings. If you need efficient access to building roofs, our aluminum and galvanized steel doors may be used to do the job.

You can also choose from our flush and recessed access panels which both serve the purpose of providing a neat finish in walls, ceilings, and similar surfaces. In case you are looking for a floor access panel, we have hatches that can bear the load of up to 300 lbs per square foot. Additionally, we have medium security and high security access panels to better assist with utility access safety.

Make a wise choice and buy MIFAB access doors and panels from our reputable company. For custom sizes, dial us at 1-800-609-2917. Place your orders today!