If you have maintenance personnel that uses your roof hatch daily, pair it with the LXB U Universal Balustrade. It’s an essential piece to make roof hatches safer for entry and exit. Manufacturers made the product’s material from pine wood in natural color or white, and its structure and system are fixed on the loft floor with unique metal holders, increasing overall stiffness.

Manufacturers designed the finishing lining to finish the loft ladder’s installation and to cover ceiling gaps, which remain after the fitting process. You can also find invisible linings on the balustrade to allow discreet installation and concealment of the loft ladder within the ceiling. Since the loft ladder is above the ceiling, you don’t have to install architrave linings to mask the gaps.

Reasons to Get the Universal Balustrade

  • Improve safety during egress and ingress
  • Stable handles when going through the roof hatch

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