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Omni Containment Systems banner featuring AA-15-18-UL our HVAC Grease Duct Panel.

Restaurants cook food to serve their customers, and the smoke and heat from their cooking needs to go somewhere. In most cases, contractors install a kitchen exhaust so that the fumes from the cooking exits out of the building. But over time, the fumes will collect around the exhaust, and you need to clean it. Apart from the grease getting stuck, collected grease can cause potential fires.

This is why you need an HVAC grease duct panel from Omni Containment Systems. When you have an HVAC grease duct panel, it provides convenient access whenever your ducts need maintenance. These products are made in the U.S.A. with high-grade 316 stainless steel. These are the easiest grease duct panels on the market to operate and install and they exceed NFPA 96 and UL specifications, with a 2300 degree fire rating.

Install grease duct panels to keep your kitchen and HVAC ducts free from clogs due to grease. If you plan on purchasing one for your restaurant, call Access Doors and Panels today!