Our EHN AT High-Profile Flashing Kit is the perfect addition to your pivot windows because they protect against moisture, rainwater, and other weather elements. The flashing kit has its plastic glued to the underside of the lower element to create an easy and stable link to the roof covering. The EHN AT has added thermal insulation for up to 90mm profile depth roof coverings.

The flashing has a gutter that lets weather condensation drain away from the window. You can also use the flashing kit as a module flashing for windows installed in vertical and horizontal combinations or block groups. You can install this product for one-depth installation, permitting window installation at a level N (+3) -flashing EHN-A.

EHN AT Components

The flashing consists of four essential elements (two side elements, a lower element, and a top element). A broad and long elastic apron finishing is the lower element that connects with high-profiled roof coverings. The bottom element has a plastic mat glued to the underside, permitting the flashing to stick to the roof covering for an excellent fit.

The flashing side-sealing channels factory with sponge seals protect against windblown snow, dust, leaves, and rain. The flashing comes with a weep flap to allow condensation to drain away from the window.

Why Get the High-Profile Flashing Kit?

  • Insulates pivot windows
  • Tile supporting profile
  • It prevents condensation on the window
  • Secure connection to the window with the roof slope

Access Doors and Panels have a range of EHN AT sizes to fit your construction project. You can request a quote if you have plans to make a bulk order in the future. And if you have questions or concerns about our products, contact us at (800) 609-2917, and we’ll be right with you at every step of the buying process!