The utilized material for access door and frame is 16-gauge Galvannealed steel with a prime coat finish with concealed Pantograph hinges under doors. The cam latch needs a screwdriver for its operation.

For new installs or renovations in wood, tile, masonry, or other ceiling and wall surfaces, Hidden Flange Access Doors are excellent. Because the flange has covering behind the door, there is no additional effort to mud or plaster it. The unit's beveled sides and concealed door frame give it a more seamless appearance than traditional doors with a visible door frame.

Here are the other features of the product:

HINGE: Fully concealed and mounted on the long side of the rectangular door pane.
LATCH: Screwdriver operated cam latch.

Access doors and panels have an excellent array of high-quality products from trusted manufacturers. You can certainly select the correct type of product for your next endeavors by calling 1-800-609-2917. Their excellent customer service representatives can help you with your purchase or additional inquiries.

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