JL Industries Access Doors

JL Industries Access Doors


For your access door needs, shop from our huge selection of access panels for all types of requirements with us today. Whether you are looking for materials to install on rated and non-rated surfaces, Access Doors And Panels can help you find what you need. You’ll surely find what you need with our complete product line consisting of plaster, acoustical tile or wallboard, stucco, and other wall and ceiling surfaces. 

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, our super-insulated exterior access panel is ideal for exterior applications. Special features include 2 inches of polyisocyanurate providing an R-value of 13 and dual-layered gasketing for the weather-resistance that you need. It also features an adhesive-backed EPDM foam and silicone rubber seals in frame and door, lockable compression paddle latch, and white powder coat paint finish. 

When it comes to installation in an opening in wallboard, plaster, masonry, brick, or paneling, choose our best-selling multi-purpose access panel with 1” trim for walls and ceilings from JL Industries. Provide access to a wide variety of wall or ceiling installations including plumbing, HVAC, and communications with this door. It also features 16 gauge steel, 1" flange, continuous concealed hinge, screwdriver operated cam latch, and white powder coat primer finish.

What are you waiting for? Access Doors And Panels can also provide for your customized needs. Order from us today!