Bauco’s elegant and highly functional products are designed for high-end construction projects requiring industry standard quality and innovation. Architects and general contractors continue to leave outstanding testimonials about how well these durable access panels cohesively blend with the surface for a virtually invisible finish. Ideal for upscale interiors, Bauco’s access doors typically have short production lead times and superior delivery logistics. Small orders typically ship within days and large, custom orders within weeks.

Access Doors and Panels proudly offers Bauco’s line of easy-to-install architectural access panels in your choice of aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel options. All products are fully customizable and feature concealed hardware and removable safety cables for your peace of mind.

Bauco’s Plus model is a recessed access door is equipped with one layer of ⅝” (or ½”) drywall, concealed hinge, and removable door panel, and is one of the preferred choices among contractors due to its easy installation and finishing process.

You may also want to consider, Bauco’s Plus II model, your best choice for seamless installation into walls and ceilings. This is a concealed hardware gypsum wallboard access panel that leaves a clean 1’16” reveal on the product’s visibility when installed. Stylish and functional surface treatments can also be applied to the door if desired. This door is ideal for hotels, condominiums, airports, and lounges.

Reach out to our product experts to help you find the best solution for your next commercial construction project!