The Type K Aluminum Floor Hatch features an engineered design with lift support for smooth, effortless one-hand door action, regardless of size, and is available in various standard and custom sizes to meet any demand. The cover is open and held in place by an automatic hold-open arm to guarantee safe escape. This product utilizes corrosion-resistant materials that provide many years of trouble-free, dependable operation. This product prevents authorized entry through its heavy-duty structure and robust locking mechanism.

Guide Specifications

Material: 1/4" (6mm) aluminum cover and extruded aluminum frame.
Hardware: Zinc plated/chromate sealed.
Cover: Diamond-pattern tread plate reinforced for 150 psf (732 kg/m2) live load.
Hinges: Concealed cast steel cam-action hinges that are from the exterior of the door.
Frame: Extruded aluminum angle frame with strap anchors bolted around the perimeter.
Lift Assistance: Torsion bars that pivot on cam-action hinges. Automatic hold-open arm with grip handle release.
Latch: Type 316 stainless steel slam lock with fixed interior handle and removable exterior turn/lift handle.
Finish: Mill Finish aluminum with a bituminous coating applied to the exterior of the frame.

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