It’s essential to match your Fakro attic ladder frame with the LXN B Extension Box. Besides covering the ladder frame, it also extends the frame by four inches to enhance the ceiling opening appearance. Remember that this Extension Box is only compatible with Fakro attic ladders with the same rough opening. You can install the extension box on LWN, LWP, LWP-L, LWT, LWF, OWM, LMS, and LST attic ladders.

Remember that the LXN B Extension Box only works effectively on Fakro loft ladders. Installing it on other ladders besides Fakro loft ladders may result in compatibility issues and even prevent the extension box from doing its job correctly. The installation process doesn’t involve anything complicated since you only have to screw each frame piece to the outer perimeter of the opening.

Reasons to Get the LXN B Extension Box

  • Improve and protect your attic ladder frame
  • Compatible with all Fakro attic ladders

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