The face of the door on the RDW S Recessed Access Door for Drywall Surfaces is recessed to receive a panel of drywall to provide a drywall finish on the door to match the texture of the surrounding drywall. The door frame includes a drywall bead so that drywall cement can be applied to conceal the flange.


DOOR SIZE: 18" height by 18" wide

ROUGH OPENING SIZE: 18 ⅛" height x 18 ⅛" wide

MATERIAL: 16 gauge cold rolled steel door, 16 gauge mounting frame

LOCK / LATCH: 2 x Screwdriver Operated Latch with Stainless Steel Cam

FLANGE: Galvanized drywall bead

HINGE: Concealed pivoting rod

FINISH: Prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder, baked grey enamel

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