The new and improved Deck Mounted Top Hung and Pivot Roof Window FPP-V Laminated Glass can be opened to 45 degrees! It enables more efficient use of the additional space produced within the room. With two independent opening mechanisms, the hardware system's revolutionary design ensures the sash's stability in both opening modes.

It guarantees the product will be of excellent quality and safe to use. Simple, two-step micro-opening is made possible by the 'Elegant' handle, located at the sash's bottom. The strap may be adjusted through 180 degrees and secured with a pivot function for cleaning the outer pane or fitting awning blinds.

It has a V40P automated air inlet. It comes from vacuum-impregnated, high-quality pine glued into layers. Natural-colored, eco-friendly acrylic lacquer is applied twice to the wood.

Why Choose FPP-V

  • More ventilation and views into the room
  • Ensures reliability and security
  • Water and mold-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use
  • Solid wood with a sleek and modern design

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