Aluminum profiles, a sheet steel insert with expanded metal, and a circular cylinder lock with a key make up the access panel. The access panel's outer and inner frames' material composition comprises four separate structures, joined firmly using a specific welding procedure.

The access panel has a safety feature to prevent unintentional opening. It is a must to fasten this safety feature after each space to avoid mishaps. One can see a 3 mm gap between the outside frame and the door leaf, which has a unique brush (airtight and dust-proof) and a distinctive joint (water-resistant). One can install access panels for outside facades directly into solid walls (without an external wall insulation system) or into a wall insulation system (foam-sealed) starting at an insulation thickness of 80 mm.

Here are other features of the product:

MATERIAL: 16 gauge galvanized steel.
LOCK/LATCH: 3 x Screwdriver Operated Cam Latches.
FLANGE: 3" wide metal lath.
HINGE: Concealed pivot rod.
FINISH: Galvanized Steel.

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