Wind-lock Access Panels

Wind-lock Access Panels


In building construction, it’s important to equally focus on facility design and performance. Access panels provide easy access to building systems in case of maintenance and repair.

As an alternative to your typical access door, a Wind-lock access panel is made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum and blends seamlessly into drywall or ceiling. Find both circular gypsum and hinged gypsum for ceiling and wall window lock doors at Access Doors And Panels.

Our circular gypsum panels consist of a surround frame with pre-spotted fastener holes and a drop-in door. They feature a tapered edge for tape joints and won't shrink or crack. For our hinged gypsum access panel, they are great for use in ceiling applications where there is no clearance to push a door up and in wall applications when access to plumbing and electrical is needed. It consists of a frame and door with concealed hinges and a concealed key lock. Our two types of Wind-lock access doors are available in a wide range of sizes to fit any application requirements.

For worry-free Wind-lock access panels, choose from our special product selections today. Avail of our products at affordable prices. Call us at 1-800-609-2917 to order!