Your attic ladders won’t be complete without installing LXK Universal Installation Brackets. Installing these brackets makes the installation easier and secures the attic ladder’s opening frame. Besides securing the opening frame, they also increase its overall rigidity. You can find that the bolts of the LXK are screwed into the brackets, ensuring fast and precise leveling of the loft ladder.

You must install these brackets because they hold together the entire attic ladder’s opening frame. Using anything other than these brackets may either damage the frame or the ceiling you installed it on. Once you install the LXK brackets in place, you should have no worries about the frame coming off for a long time.

Reasons to Use the Installation Brackets

  • Secure the door frame properly
  • Ensure safety when using the attic ladder
  • It comes standard with FAKRO LST, LSF, and LML attic ladders

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