Using the FTT window's revolutionary structure, you can save a lot of money on your utility bills. The Uw=0.8W/m2K (equivalent R-Value 7.1) feature makes it an energy-efficient roof window unit available today. The wooden profiles on this window are more comprehensive than those on a standard window. You can achieve thermal insulation by reducing the number of thermal bridges in the design.

Additionally, it comes with standard insulation flashings (XDK) that include an airtight flashing XDS and an insulation set XDP. Even the tallest family member may stand erect by an open window owing to the pivot with hinges situated above the window's mid-height.

A unique bolt that stops the sash when rotated 180 degrees makes cleaning the exterior glass and installing the awning blind a breeze.

Why Choose FTT 06

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced cost of energy
  • Increased durability and a reduced risk of product failure
  • Comfort your family with a space that's accessible, clean, and durable
  • Provides more visibility of the outdoors
  • Improved home safety and security

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