It’s essential to match your Fakro attic ladder opening with the LXW B Upper Hatch. It’s a sealed piston-assisted upper hatch that works best in areas that experience harsh weather elements, specifically high temperatures. It has an interior handle that lets users open it only from underneath. However, the hatch opens and closes above when you purchase the exterior LXZ Handle from Fakro. Lastly, the Upper Hatch is compatible with LWN, LWP, LWP-L, LWT, LWF, OWM, LMS, and LST attic ladders.

It has a simple overall construction consisting of four pieces that contractors can easily connect. It doesn’t involve a complicated installation process, ensuring your roof hatch has an upper hatch right away.

Reasons to Get the LXW B Extension Box

  • Seal the hatch opening effectively
  • Compatible with all Fakro attic ladders
  • Achieves excellent insulation
  • Piston-assisted hatch for easy opening

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