We only offer the finest products here in Access Doors and Panels, and the PPA RE Recessed Aluminum Floor Hatch is no exception. It has the ability to accommodate all types of floor coverings up to 3/4" in thickness. It efficiently offers attractive but equally practical access between the interior floors of commercial buildings.


DOOR SIZE: 24" wide x 36" high

ROUGH OPENING SIZE: 24 ½ wide x 36 ½

FINISH: Aluminum

FLANGE: 2 x 2" x 1/4" aluminum angle"

HINGE: heavy-duty aluminum continuous piano hinge

LOCK / LATCH: 1 x 4 removable handle"

MATERIAL: ¼ Aluminum plate"

On top of its various features, this model can directly contribute project’s ability to achieve LEED certification in new construction and major renovations, schools, and commercial interiors.

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