Our access roof hatches are collectively designed to provide convenient, economical access to the roof of a building. The RD 1 EE Single Leaf Roof Hatch offers the same functionality with its environmentally friendly polyisocyanurate insulation in both curb and cover. Its durable cover opens easily to 90° with a torsion spring and automatic hold-open arms to assist operation and keep the cover securely open. This model also comes with a heavy EPDM mechanically-applied weather seal that provides a barrier to weather and drafts.


Finish: Aluminum: Mill Finish

Cover: Covers are a high-strength composite of 22 gauge galvanized steel bonded to high-strength 1" rigid foam. The 2" foam is an option.

Curb: Mill finishes .090 aluminum exterior with .063 aluminum liner, a 12” high curb, integral counterflashing, 3-1/2” wide mounting flanges with pre-drilled holes, and 2” Polyisocyanurate insulation.

Gasket: Polyurethane Foam Gasket adhered to the entire perimeter of the curb.

Hinges: Steel Pintle Hinge.

Latches: Slam latch with interior and exterior handles and padlock hasps.

Hardware: All hardware is zinc plated (stainless steel hardware optional)

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