This high-quality galvanized steel door includes a galvanized hinge. Two durable protective layers are created by combining these components with Karp's electrostatic rust-inhibitive powder finish. Karp arc-welds and grinds smooth the corners of the trim and pan to further weatherproof the door, which, along with a closed-cell neoprene gasket and a Lift & Turn Compression Latch, guarantees a watertight seal between the door and frame. 

Finally, the door has insulation of Styrofoam, which is very resistant to water and water vapor. All of these safeguards ensure the MX Insulated Access Door's long-term functionality, even under the most extreme moisture conditions.

Here are other features of the product:

MATERIAL: 18 gauge cold rolled steel.
HINGE: Concealed pivot rod.
FLANGE: 1" flange.
LOCK/LATCH: 2 x Lift & Turn Compression Latch.
FINISH: Prime coat of rust inhibitive electrostatic powder, baked grey enamel.

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