This M RHG series Galvanized Steel Roof Hatch from MIFAB is designed to provide safe and convenient access to roofs. It includes a weather-resistant gasket to ensure years of dependable use with low maintenance and ease of operation. It features a 14 gauge steel with a 20 gauge door liner, hasps lock inside and outside the cover to ensure security,1’’ fiberboard insulation and formed steel hinges with stainless steel pins. 

It is perfect for providing more manageable and safer access to building roofings, especially during a regular or periodic inspection and maintenance of roofing or other valuable building components on the roof hatch such as electrical control system, HVAC. This roof hatch design ensures durability, ease of operation, and safety. 

Whenever you need M RHG series Galvanized Steel Roof Hatch from MIFAB to your roofings, don’t forget to visit the most reliable access doors and roof hatches dealer, Access Doors And Panels, or call us at 1-800-609-2917 for more details. 

Once you place your order from us, expect our product to arrive at its destination within five business days. 

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