LU Aluminum

LU Aluminum

Access Doors And Panels brings the LU Aluminum LadderUP Safety Post, Aluminum from Bilco. It features automatic locks in a fully raised position to provide a steady and firm hand-hold for safer access and a handy lever release that will allow the post to be easily lowered to its retraction position. It also incorporates adjustable mounting hardware that accommodates virtually any ladder spacing or rung size and has a spring balance for ease of operation and corrosion resistance for years of dependable use.

It is perfect for providing more accessible and safer access through roof hatches including, utility holes, sidewalk doors, vaults, and floors, especially during a regular or periodic inspection and maintenance. It provides a positive hand-hold and enables the user to access an opening in an upright and balanced position. It has a stainless steel spring mechanism that will balance its upward and downward movement. 

Whenever you need a LU Aluminum LadderUP Safety Post, Aluminum from Bilco, for safer access to your roof hatch, don’t forget to visit the most reliable access doors and roof hatches dealer, Access Doors And Panels, or call us at 1-800-609-2917 for more details. 

Once you place your order from us, expect our product to arrive at its destination within five business days. 

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