Flashing kits are necessary when installing deck-mounted skylights! In the absence of flashing, water seepage or leaks could cause root rot, mold, corrosion, and structural damage to your commercial property. Skylight flashings, such as FAKRO's EL-106, are standard practices among building professionals. This flashing kit is suitable for slate, asphalt, and fiberglass roof shingles with the highest thickness of up to 5/16".

You will also find that the bottom section has a butyl strip, ensuring that your roof gets a watertight seal. The flashing's material is 0.9mm thick aluminum, which achieves years of durability. If you're worried that this flashing won't fit on a modern roof design, keep in mind that it comes in a standard RAL 7022 (gray) color, making it one of the most compatible flashings on the market today.

Why Choose EL-106

  • A solid foundation for your deck-mounted skylights.
  • Prevent water and air leaks.
  • Increases the life of your roof's metal surface

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