The fire rating of an attic ladder is an essential factor to keep in mind when making your purchase. If there is a fire, install the Scissor Attic Ladder LSF to provide a path to spread the flames.

This ladder can withstand the heat of an hour-long fire with its flame-resistant materials. The design also suppresses the flames' ability to spread via the aperture. Keeping this in mind, the Fakro Scissor Attic Ladder LSF is an excellent choice for any home or business worried about fire safety.

Within the structure itself, the LSF - Fire Rated Scissor attic ladder serves as a smoke barrier, stopping smoke from traveling to upper floors and restricting access to the attic. To make it work better, you might consider using some additional accessories. If the height of the ceiling shifts, you have the option of either adding or removing steps to accommodate your shifting requirements. The mounting brackets make ceiling installation a breeze.

Why Choose LSF

  • Ensures that the structure will not let in smoke
  • The construction of a fire escape would benefit significantly from using this material.
  • Changing the stair height is easy and doesn't affect the rest of your structure.
  • A straightforward method for initial setup.

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