F 50TB

F 50TB

This F 50TB Thermally Broken Equipment Roof Hatch from Bilco features a polyisocyanurate R-20+ insulation and frame and cover design that reduces the heat transfer between the exterior and interior surfaces. This door resists harmful condensation and provides energy efficiency within the area. It also incorporates EPDM gaskets to enhance wind and weather resistance and a high solar reflective index (SRI). 

It is perfect for providing safe access to the roofing system, especially during a periodic or regular inspection and maintenance of the roofing system or on the valuable building components such as HVAC system and applicable in residential or commercial buildings.

Whenever you want to incorporate F 50TB Thermally Broken Equipment Roof Hatch from Bilco, don’t forget to visit the most reliable access doors and roof hatches dealer, Access Doors And Panels, or call us at 1-800-609-2917 for more details. We also accept customized size requests of F 50TB Thermally Broken Equipment Roof Hatch to suit your project needs.

Once you place your order from us, expect our product to arrive at its destination within five business days. 

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