3211 - Security Detention Access Door - Milcor

Milcor security access doors like the 10-gauge steel 3211 Security Detention Access Door upgrade security, making it an excellent choice for prisons, banks, and psychiatric facilities. It's ideal for improving museum security, where high-security protection is required while preserving the integrity of your museum's architectural design. The standard model features an unremovable stainless steel butt hinge. They work well in almost any medium or high-security setting because you can upgrade the locks to your facility's desired level. For example, you can request detention-type deadbolt locks to prevent unauthorized access, along with tamperproof screws for higher security.

For Upgraded Security, Trust Milcor's 3211!

Versatility: Milcor's 3211 security detention access door provides critical secure service access in wall and ceiling applications. 

Security: Adds tamperproof access where safety is of primary importance.

Protection: The unique stainless steel butt hinge prevents removal by unauthorized individuals

Prevention: Choose a detention-type deadbolt lock and tamperproof screws when more than medium security is needed.

Access Doors and Panels recommends trusting Milcor security access doors when high-grade security is your top priority. 3211 features a 3/16" x 2" x 2" frame angle, welded with joints ground smooth and robust 10-gauge steel door panel. The heavy-duty stainless steel hinge is welded to the door and frame, making it unremovable. For the highest level of security, a detention-type deadbolt lock and tamper-resistant screws are your best bet.

Install 3211 throughout commercial buildings - remember, it's also ideal for enhanced museum security. 

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