The Fakro Insulated Metal Attic Ladder is the ideal solution for providing secure and hassle-free access to your attic space. The LMS ladder is incredibly sturdy and will last for many years.

The fact that this ladder is simple to set up and use is the feature that stands out the most. The directions are simple to comprehend and follow. The ladder itself is light and simple to move around. The Fakro Insulated Metal Attic Ladder - LMS is an excellent option if you are shopping for an attic ladder to use in your house or your place of business.

The LMS is a foldable, heavy-duty attic ladder that can be separated into three distinct sections when not in use. You may also adjust the length of the ladder to correspond with the height of the ceiling.

Why Choose LMS

  • Our ladder is constructed of high-quality aluminum and comes with a safety rail, which guarantees that you can reach your attic safely and soundly.
  • The frame and rungs of our ladder are constructed out of heavy-duty material, making it exceptionally long-lasting.
  • Our ladder's spring-loaded system makes it simple to open and close the rungs, making it highly user-friendly. In addition, the ladder may be folded up and stored when not in use.

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