You should always place fire extinguishers in strategic spots around your building to ensure anyone can put out fires in a matter of seconds. You should get the SATURN model, which is a Class K Wet Chemical fire extinguisher. 

These units are ideal for commercial restaurant applications as a portable supplement to pre-engineered suppression systems. A low “pH” potassium acetate and potassium citrate solution is discharged in a fine mist that provides excellent range while cooling the fire and preventing splashing of liquid cooking media fires

Don’t forget that you can get the SATURN fire extinguisher from reliable construction suppliers like Access Doors and Panels. We guarantee high-quality products to all of our clients. You can get in touch with us at 1-800-609-2917 if you need to utilize them for your construction project. You also have the option to get them in different sizes.

Once you order them, expect our products to arrive at their destination within five business days!

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