Roof Hatch

Roof Hatch

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Roof hatches are building equipment that provides convenient entry to roof patios. It allows entries and service adjustments in building attachments like solar panels, air conditioning units, and lines of communication. 

At Access Doors and Panels, we provide our clients with a complete range of MIFAB roof hatches that are perfect for efficient and convenient access to buildings’ roofs. Our hatches are low maintenance, made of galvanized steel or aluminum, and feature a weather-resistant gasket for long life, and designed to make roof operations easier.

Our MIFAB RHA products with aluminum mill finish with 0.090” aluminum with 0.050” aluminum liner on the door while our MIFAB RHG products with primed white finish have 14 gauge steel with a 20-gauge liner on the door. Our roof hatches are both provided with formed steel hinges with stainless steel pins and locking hasps inside and outside of the cover. Our hardware materials are all made of cadmium plated steel to prevent bacterial growth on the surface. Our products are perfect for easy open and security from base flange to roof deck.

These roof hatches have 15 to 20 days of lead time. If you are in need of affordable equipment but with quality performance, our roof access doors are your best choice for your building requirements. We also offer a customized solution! You can keep in touch with us by completing our form on our custom size page or ring us at 1-800-609-2917.

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