Attic and Rooftop Access Panels

Attic and Rooftop Access Panels

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 13th Feb 2019

Attic and Rooftop Access Panels

So you have a home that has an attic, and you need access to space from time to time, or perhaps you need a way to access the rooftop of your home? An access panel or an access door would be one of the easiest to install to allow both safe and easy access anytime you need to access your attic or rooftop.

Rooftop access panels provide individuals with an easy and safe way to access a buildings roof area, whereas an attic access panel gives access to a homes attic. Almost every rooftop product on the market will be made with corrosion-resistant materials as they have to face the elements consistently and every product should meet building and fire code requirements. Almost every rooftop panel will be made of a robust and durable product such as steel, but simple attic access can come in a wide variety of materials. Some of these would include fibreglass, plastic and steel and they would have many different styles to fit the decor/style for where it is being installed. Most attics will have a ladder of some sort to access it, and it truly transforms an attic into a space to have increased storage. When choosing an attic access panel to be sure to consider what you might be using the attic for and what size of the opening you would require to move items to and from.

Generally, there are two main styles/types of roof access: a stairwell leading up to a door opening onto roof access or a hatch/window that will give access to the roof in case of emergency or for maintaining the shelter. Most stairwell/door accesses to a roof will be found in much larger buildings or condominiums rather than the standard home. Most homes would have a small access door/window from the top floor leading into the roof.

Large buildings like condominiums or industrial plants will most often have roof access installed. It could be a simple staircase leading up to door access, but there are other access styles including ladder access, ship stair access, service stair access or even equipment access. There are a few unique products on the market including skylights that open to allow roof access and security-based roof access hatches that would be of use on high-security buildings such as banks, jails or government buildings.

There are a couple of essential things that need to be considered when choosing which attic or rooftop access panel you want to install, namely, building codes and safety requirements. It is imperative that when you are working through a renovation or starting with a new build that you review exactly what the building code minimum requirements are. Be sure to check what the minimum standards are before beginning work on construction or renovation, make this part of your plan! Safety requirements are inherently built into the building code requirements however there may be some unique features that need to be followed (for example the access may have to be a certain width and height, or it may have to have a specific fire rating).

When deciding which is the best option for you, please consider speaking with a professional that will help you narrow down your choices to one that will best fit you. When you are dealing with a tighter budget, they will best know how to maximize your dollars to make sure you are getting good value and staying within a specific budget. Again, be sure to do this research at the beginning of your project to make sure you are within the code, and it will give you the proper access you need to either your roof or attic.

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13th Feb 2019 Posted by Access Doors and Panels