Ceiling and Attic Access Doors and Panels

A green sign with an image of a ceiling over an attic to indicate our Ceiling-And-Attic access doors and panelsCeiling and Attic Access Doors and Panels

Neglected attics and ceiling crawl spaces are potential breeding grounds of pests and insects. That is why residential and non-residential buildings need to follow regular attic cleaning schedules. A ceiling attic access door provides easy access for maintenance, repairs or other purposes. We have these specialty doors at Access Doors And Panels designed to be installed easily. Take a look at our fire rated, draft stop, drop-in, flush installation, recessed, drywall inlay, and gypsum panels now.

Perfect for application on walls or ceilings composed of any material, our flush access door with concealed latch and drywall flange is practical with removable, concealed spring and pin type hinges and push-to-close latches. Once the corner bead plastered, the door becomes almost invisible. The EDG-GYP is durable and economical since the door and the frame is composed of steel based materials. 

Among Access Doors And Panels’ most popular products are the architectural grade flush door. Its attractive 16 gauge one-piece frame provides a 100% clear opening with superior strength, rigidity, and true square shape. The 16 gauge door panel is mounted to the frame on concealed spring hinges that open to 175 degrees for complete access without allowing the door to impact the wall. For easy opening, the cam latch release mechanism moves the edge of the door panel outward to provide a finger hold.

Check out more ceiling access panel options we have at our reputable company. You can give us a call anytime at 1-800-609-2917 for orders and inquiries!