How to Create an Appealing Commercial Landscape

How to Create an Appealing Commercial Landscape

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 6th Jan 2021

How to Create an Appealing Commercial Landscape

While the interior design of building matters, your building's exterior design is the one that sets the first impression of employees, guests, and clients for your company and management. People will see this area before entering your premises, which is why commercial companies and businesses should invest in a flawless outdoor landscape. By maintaining an immaculate garden, you can catch more attention from your customers and increase your reputation.

Even if some business owners do not pay enough attention to their commercial landscape, it is always essential that you do. It can give you several benefits, including an effective work environment for your employees. If you are interested in creating an appealing exterior landscape, some tips and ideas can help you start. Read this article to know some ways of creating an attractive commercial landscape.

Where to start?

One of the hardest parts of deciding on your commercial landscape is knowing where to start. It may be initially overwhelming, but you need proper plans and tips, and everything will work smoothly. Here are some suggestions for your landscape design.

1. Make sure that the design will complement your building.

The elements of your commercial landscape must complement the architecture and design of the building. Determine the architectural theme that you will use to make everything fit together. If the infrastructure has unique features that you want to maintain, make it stand out by toning down your landscape design. However, it would be best to make the design connect with the landscape's highlighted features. It is also best to avoid overdoing it. You don't want the overall layout to be overwhelming to the point of becoming an eyesore. You can always decide on a more grandiose lawn later on if you think your design doesn't stand out.

2. Scale the design properly.

If you want to achieve an excellent commercial landscape, it is best to balance all the elements you will use. Determine the plants and trees' size that you will plant around your exterior by setting the building's height as a reference. Make sure that they will not overpower the building, nor will they look insignificant. Flower beds are also essential elements that you can use to make your landscape look more presentable. Decide for the right quantity, design, and color scheme that will perfectly match your building design.

3. Emphasize the path to your building's doorway.

You know that a commercial landscape is an effective one if it can lead people to the building's doorways while letting them enjoy the scenery. Your business's primary goal is to get more clients and customers to your building, and your exterior plays a role in this. Never confuse people where they should go and how they can get into your company.

4. Maintain the elements of your landscape.

Conducting proper and regular maintenance for your commercial landscape is essential. You don't want to discourage your clients from coming in just because your garden is a mess. Ensure that you make it stand out by hiring professional contractors that will take care of your exterior.

How do you maintain your garden?

Now that you have ideas on making an attractive landscape, the next thing that you should focus on is its maintenance. It won't do your property any good if you neglect your landscape after some time. Hence, we also included some steps that you can undertake in the maintenance of your commercial landscape.

Step 1. Check for any issues. 

Ensure that you walk around your garden from time to time to see any persisting problems. If you do not think that you cannot do this regularly due to a busy schedule, you can always hire professional inspectors. Make sure also to check the irrigation system, drainages, and pest and weed controls.

Step 2. Set proper waste management.

Proper waste management is essential to make your commercial landscape more presentable. Clean any debris from time to time and station enough waste bins around the garden. You can also use the leaves and grass clippings to make compost for a healthy yard.

Step 3. Cover the patches by mowing and overseeding.

Having patches on your lawn can make it look unsettling, which is why you need to cover them up at all times. You can do this by an over-seeding process that will protect the turf of your garden. Mowing is also perfect for keeping the grasses in the right shape.

Step 4. Use weather-safe installations for your exterior components.

If you have exterior electrical and wiring components in your garden, ensure that you protect them using weatherproof installations such as valve boxes and access doors. It will also help make maintenance more convenient in the future.


It is essential to have an appealing commercial landscape that will perfectly match your building's architectural design. To make it better, make sure that you install insulated exterior access doors and panels to protect the components around your lawn. Get quality ones from Access Doors and Panels, and contact us now! You can also read great reviews of our customers on our products here.

6th Jan 2021 Posted by Access Doors and Panels