Bathroom Innovations You Should Know About

Bathroom Innovations You Should Know About

Access Doors and Panels on 7th Apr 2021

Bathroom Innovations You Should Know About

Gone are the days when bathrooms are dull and boring. Today, bathrooms already get as much attention as living rooms and bedrooms do. Many people are now raving about modern and sleek fixtures that are a great addition to bathrooms. Fortunately, there are already so many bathroom innovations that add ambiance and spruce up the area while also making the bathroom more functional. Most of the innovations are not only geared towards improving aesthetics but also offering excellent performance and comfort.

And because clients always look for ways to improve their experiences and surroundings, construction companies and contractors should be ready to provide new ideas. Access Doors and Panels compiled some bathroom innovations that we think you should know about to help our contractor friends and clients. We grouped them into sustainability, technology, sound design.


With the growing popularity of sustainability or green buildings in the construction industry, it is no surprise that the same is now applicable in bathroom innovations. More eco-friendly products and solutions continue to develop, specifically in resource areas such as water, electricity, and waste management.

Some bathroom innovations featuring sustainability include levers on cold water opening system taps that move only to the left. It is energy-efficient because it ensures that hot water will only be used when necessary, thus preventing water waste. Another sustainable instrument is an “eco cartridge” with a two-position switch, making it possible to use less water and energy, and a water flow rate limiter that facilitates air and uses jets to reduce water consumption.

An eco-conscious Aero Rain Shower gives the experience of showering under heavy, refreshing rainfall in pulsating intervals. It features a process of increasing the volume of each droplet by drawing in air through the showerhead and then pumping it into the water. This fixture is also suitable if you want to achieve reduced water consumption.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom interiors with lively, futuristic ceramic floor and wall tiles are also the in-thing today. Many buildings and homes have said goodbye to plain single-colored bathrooms. Today, wall and flooring tiles come in a range of patterns and color palettes. However, innovative bathroom designs don’t end in tiles and floors because some other add-ons might interest you.

  • Glass sinks - Bathroom sinks may come in various materials, but nothing beats glass sinks at showing off a striking appearance. Glass sinks are perfect for matching countertops or bathtubs and have a wide selection of styles. Adding a glass sink in a bathroom will indeed show the elegance that anyone would want.
  • Freestanding bathtubs: A soaking tub with extra-deep bathing well is now a trend that many people opt for in their bathrooms. American Standard’s Cadet Suite freestanding bathtub features sleek and modern styling perfect for bathrooms with classic and contemporary decors. Moreover, it also comes with a hand spray, drain, and tub filler.
  • Neorest 550H toilet - This advanced toilet from TOTO boasts style and comfort, as well as the benefit of cleaner usage thanks to its before- and after-flush eWater+ mist of electrolyzed water. Additional features include auto open and close, ultra-high efficiency siphon jet flushing, and an integrated personal cleansing system.

Spot-resistant finishes: This bathroom innovation is ideal if you want to prevent the unpleasant accumulation of fingerprints and water spots on bathroom fixtures. You won’t have to worry about your cleaning personnel missing a day of wiping surfaces with a spot-resistant finish. Moreover, you can find these in stainless steel and brushed nickel.


As outlandish as we may sound, there are possible technological innovations that will emerge in the future that will surely make the bathroom experience a whole new level. Here are some of them:

  1. A hovering drone mirror will help style the back of your hair with ease;
  2. An in-shower voice device that reminds you and automatically adds shampoo, toothpaste, and other bathroom essentials to your shopping list when they are already running low;
  3. A facial recognition system that automatically adjusts water temperature and pressure to your personalized settings;
  4. Three taps for the shower-- one for cold, hot, and just right;
  5. A height-adjustable toilet, sink, and mirror, depending on who is using them; and
  6. A technology-infused mirror that talks and gives advice on your outfits based on a link to your calendar of activities and preferences.

The Future of Bathrooms

While some of these innovations (especially in the technological area) are still well underway and remain futuristic as of now, we can surely bet that in ten years, more bathroom innovations will emerge and take the market by storm. We might even see more developments in other bathroom-related aspects such as equipment and accessories. Who knows if we’ll finally have projector-like bathroom walls and ceilings where we can watch movies while taking a bath?

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