Top Bathroom Wall Materials for your Renovation Project

Top Bathroom Wall Materials for your Renovation Project

Posted by Access Doors and Panels on 21st Nov 2019

Top Bathroom Wall Materials for your Renovation Project

There are only a few materials that would pass for a bathroom wall installation. Unlike dry areas in the house such as living rooms and kitchens, bathrooms need a wall material that can withstand moisture. A waterproof option would be ideal to avoid structural problems such as mold-growth, leaks, and water damage. Still haven’t decided what type of wall material to use for your bathroom renovation project? Here is the top list of bathroom wall materials that are worthy to install.


Tiles can be utilized for both bathroom walls and floors. This material is commonly used for bathroom construction and other high-moisture areas. With tiling, there is a wide variety of design, shape, and color options. Ceramic tiles are a classic and elegant choice for bathroom walls. Other preferable tile options include granite or marble, and stone.

Vinyl-coated wallpaper

100% vinyl wallpaper is amazingly easy to clean, perfect for bathroom areas that experience heavy use on a daily basis. The vinyl coating provides a water-resistant finish. Like tiles, vinyl-coated wallpapers are available in an incredible range of colors and designs. It is also very easy to install and remove.


Laminate is a popular wall material for bathrooms. It may come in either high gloss or glass-like finish depending on a building interior’s design theme. This material is preferred by builders and remodelers because of its low-cost yet long-lasting benefits. Additionally, laminate is lightweight and easy to install.


Transform a commercial or residential bathroom into a classy and elegant space by installing stone walls. Real stones provide a refreshing and relaxing bathroom look and feel. It is also waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about moisture problems. However, this type of bathroom wall may involve high installation costs since real stones can be very expensive.


Glass bathroom walls are likely seen nowadays in modern homes. Glass is perfect for shower walls, but can also be installed for the entire bathroom. It gives bathrooms a more spacious feel and look. However, this is not advisable to install when living with a lot of people since glass walls can’t give you the privacy you need.

Installing a wall access panel

After selecting a wall material for the bathroom, it’s time to shop for a wall access panel that will seamlessly blend with it. Don’t worry, there are access panels available for different wall surfaces such as those mentioned above. These panels will ensure the flawless concealment of unsightly bathroom plumbing while preserving access to them in times of service inspection, maintenance or repair.

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21st Nov 2019 Posted by Access Doors and Panels