Electrical Issues to Expect in a Commercial Building

Electrical Issues to Expect in a Commercial Building

Access Doors and Panels on 17th Mar 2021

Electrical Issues to Expect in a Commercial Building

Whenever buildings experience electrical issues, the obvious thing that building owners need to do is to contact an electrician. However, some owners think they don't need to contact them since the electrical issue isn't that severe. They don't know that leaving the electrical problems for a long time can lead to severe electrical problems that electricians can no longer fix.

If you own a commercial building, you need to know the different electrical issues that could happen to your commercial building. It would be best to get an idea of what they are to see when you need to hire an electrician to do the repairs and maintenance. Fortunately, Access Doors and Panels can provide you with details of the various electrical issues you can expect to happen in a commercial building.

Electrical Issue #1: Overheating Electrical Fixtures and Switches

At some point, your electrical switches and fixtures will start to overheat. That issue happens because of how much electricity flows inside it. You would usually experience this problem in warehouses, industrial plants, and other large-scale buildings that consume a ton of electricity every day to power large machines and appliances.

It is also challenging to find out since you rarely come into close contact with the fixtures and switches. But if someone starts to notice that they are heating up, they should tell the building's head as quickly as possible before it turns worse. Usually, the overheating problem lies within the electrical wires or that it's already wearing out, and the electrician usually replaces the switches and fixtures with a new one.

Electrical Issue #2: Frequent Power Loss

Most commercial buildings will experience sudden power loss, but they should only experience it rarely. If the power loss happens too often, it may be time to contact an electrician to do the necessary electrical work. You should also give your electrician a call if the frequent power loss keeps happening to your building as it may be a sign of faulty wiring.

It would be best to have the power loss problem fixed right away because it can damage the appliances and machines plugged into outlets. However, there are instances when you cannot prevent the power loss because it's the electric company's fault. The best way to avoid sudden power loss is to have a building generator that can provide temporary electricity until the electric company can bring back electricity into your building again.

Electrical Issue #3: Flickering and Dimming Fixtures

At some point, you will find several lights and fixtures within your building start flickering or dimming. Typically, your maintenance personnel can fix the problem by simply replacing the light bulbs with newer ones. You can find that an average light bulb has a lifespan of 1,500 to 3,000 hours.

If you notice flickering or dimming lights quickly, that could signify that the problem may not lie in your bulbs but the electrical wires or sockets connected to the bulbs. Electricians usually find the flickering fixtures' issue because of a loose connection.

The electrical issues mentioned above are only some of the many you can encounter in the future. The best way to learn about the possible electrical problems that could happen to your building is by talking with your electrician. They can provide you the details about your electrical system and how everyone in your facility can take care of it.

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17th Mar 2021 Access Doors and Panels