Wall Coverings Equals Wall Solutions

Wall Coverings Equals Wall Solutions

Access Doors and Panels on 24th Oct 2018

Wall Coverings Equals Wall Solutions

Wallpaper or straight panelings, when it comes to wallcoverings, one may think of their limitations to the options they have. The truth is, when it comes to wall coverings, the possibilities are endless. More importantly, wall coverings have a beneficial purpose and aesthetic appeal. Whether it's for residential or commercial space – industrial or not, wall coverings, depending on the choice, can prove to be a significant asset for any renovation. Here at Access Doors and Panels, we provide a list of wall covering solutions, along with their benefits that any contractor, designer, or builder would recommend. Here is a list of resolutions for wall covering that might be helpful for your next project:


Paint is the most common option for interior wall coverings. It is the cheapest among all the choices. With different paint finishes and color options to choose from, you can complement it to any room you desire. Here are some different paint finishes that you might want to take a look at:

  • Flat - A flat finish is the most common out of all interior paint finishes. It is best used for uneven surfaces and makes it unnoticeable. On the contrary, this type of paint is prone to scratches and needs regular retouching. If you want a more durable option, you can try having a matte finish.
  • Satin - This type of paint finish is in the middle of a flat and glossy finish. It has a soft sheen that makes it easier to clean but not too noticeable.
  • Eggshell - An Eggshell finish is less glossy than satin. Both Eggshell and Satin are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms for it allows an easy clean-up.
  • Gloss - It is the most accessible and most durable paint finish out of all the options. It is gleaming, which adds a little aesthetic to the room. However, this finishing requires a careful application to avoid any mistakes.


If you feel like the paint option was too mainstream for you, you can try wallpaper instead. This type of wall covering is very versatile and comes with different material that provides specific functionality and aesthetic appeal to any room. In addition, it is easy to install and remove if you want to try out a different option. Here are some of the wallpaper materials you can choose from:

  • Vinyl Wallpaper - This wallpaper is the most common option in the market due to its versatility, easy installment, and clean-up. It comprises layers of printed paper and a vinyl layer that makes it more durable.
  • Lining Paper - This wallpaper, on the other hand, is the simplest wallpaper option. It is a thick covering made up of either paper or fiberglass. It is most commonly used to cover imperfections or as a base for another wallpaper material.
  • Foil - This wallpaper material is a little bit delicate and is prone to highlighting any imperfection. It has a metallic finish. It is the perfect option for you if you're looking for wallpaper that contributes to making a statement for your accent walls.
  • Flock - If you like a soft and velvety textured wall, then this is the perfect option for you. Its design will give you that luxurious aesthetic you wish to achieve. Additionally, this wallpaper is on the pricier side and might be hard to maintain and remove.
  • Non-woven - If you're looking for a more eco-friendly option, then this is the best wallpaper choice for you. It is a mix of natural and synthetic fibers. It is also washable, easy to install and remove.
  • Acoustic wallpaper - You can usually find this wallpaper in offices, studios, and any room that requires sound quality improvement. It is generally made up of layers of foam and fabric and has a soft-furnished texture. The primary purpose of acoustical wall covering is to remove any residual sound in a room.


Designers will directly go for this option to give a room or space that aesthetic pop. It is essential not to go overboard with floor-to-ceiling tiles as it can become too much and counter simple elegance and style. You can make this choice of wall covering in any room of your choice, but typically floor to ceiling tiles are found in bathrooms or rooms that require routine or easy maintenance.


If you desire to make your room look slightly more spacious, this wall solution is for you! It might not be the traditional wall you expected, but it is the perfect one if you're looking for ways to make a small room seem bigger and a little bit brighter. Of course, you wouldn't have to cover your whole room with mirrors. Just choose a perfect wall where to place the mirrors, whether it's on the side of your bed or behind your couch; this will add a little breath of life to your renovated room.

Wooden Panel

Wood panel is the perfect wall covering if you find earth tones cozy and comforting. In addition, it also adds extra insulation to your room. Some standard wood panels include:

  • Planks - If you want a fancy, warm forest cottage vibe for your interior design, then this is the wall covering you need. You can choose up to any size and type of wood you desire.
  • Shiplap - Shiplap is best if you are looking for a clean and modern finish. It is essential to hire professionals to install this wood panel to prevent the wood from getting warped or rot.
  • Tongue and Groove - This wooden panel is slightly similar to Shiplap but more expensive. It has a groove and tongue connection that helps keep the boards together tightly, hence its name.
  • Beadboard - Beadboard has wider and evenly spaced grooves along the boards. This wood panel is also paintable, so you can easily customize it to the color that suits your aesthetic preference.
  • Flat Panels - This is the best option if you want to make your room as clean and polished as possible.

Choosing the right wall covering may be difficult, but always remember to research and look for options you think are the best fit for the room you are redecorating or rebuilding. Wallcovering is a significant part of building the ambiance and comfort of any room, which can affect your occupants' mood and productivity. For more handy building and contractor tips or to view alternative solutions to wall coverings, visit www.accessdoorsandpanels.com today!

24th Oct 2018 Access Doors and Panels