If you are an aesthetic person wanting to preserve the designs on your walls, floors, and ceilings to please the eyes, then a less noticeable access door on any surface is your best choice. 

Access Doors and Panels offer MIFAB recessed access doors that are designed to fit onto any construction surfaces and materials without acquiring too much visibility. These access panels are perfect for preserving visuals and designs of walls, ceilings, and floors by only exposing door and frame edges. We also offer fire-resistant recessed access doors and recessed that are made for plaster.

MIFAB Series CAD recessed access door can cater to acoustical, drywall, or tiled surfaces. 

The door panel is recessed 5/8” (16) to allow entry of different materials and equipment. We also provide our products with special features which include 16 gauge satin coat steel, concealed pivot pins, 5 x screwdriver operated cam latch, and primed white finish. The unit is ready for shipping within 2 weeks.

For drywall ceilings, we suggest that our clients use the MIFAB Series CAD-FR access door. Although it is not fire-rated, it remains fire-resistant provided that the combination and steel and fire-rated tiles maintain the quality of ceiling assembly. This product is recessed 1 ½” (38) to accommodate dual-layered ceiling tile. To ensure safety and proper application, you may consider consulting local fire codes each time. 

Lessen your stress in preserving your aesthetic wall, ceiling, and floor! Install our recessed panels and keep your eyes satisfied with the result! Contact us today at 1-800-609-2917 and avail of our products!