When it comes to buildings, we make protecting utility systems access our priority. If you are worried about being cost-efficient, Access Doors and Panels can help you feel at ease by providing security solutions at an economical cost!

We provide durable panels that are strong enough to fit drywall, masonry, and concrete construction work. Our products are designed to meet different security level requirements depending on your needs. By working with our trusted partner, MIFAB, we are able to provide you with medium and high-security access doors to match your needs.

Our MIFAB Series MI-SAD medium security access door has a product lead time of 2 weeks and are usually used in schools, hospitals, hotels, and correctional institutions. This features a 12 gauge steel door and 3/16” angle steel frame, 1 ½” flange, heavy-duty butt hinges welded to the door and frame, 2 x cylinder lock & key, and a primed white finish. 

For high-risk areas where high-security access doors are needed, our MIFAB Series MI-SADH, which are tamper-proof, are provided with Best-Lock #1E7D4-C228-RP3-626. It is made with 10 gauge steel door and ¼” angle steel frame, 2” flange, heavy-duty butt hinges, welded to the door and frame, with a white primed finish. This product can be shipped within 15 to 20 days’ time.

To know more about our product, you can keep in touch with us via 1-800-609-2917 and talk with our consultants. Contact us today and place your orders now!