General Purpose

General Purpose

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The installation of access doors doesn’t only serve its primary purpose of concealing and providing access to fixtures, it also provides for efficient compliance of the necessary safety building codes. When it comes to your different construction needs, Access Doors and Panels recommend the installation of our quality general-purpose access door from Cendrex. These doors that come in various sizes and optional features to meet specific installation requirements are designed for quick installations. 

The special product selection of Access Doors And Panels includes general-purpose access doors with flange and drywall flange, aesthetic access doors with hidden flange, draft stop access doors, flexisnap magnetic adjustable access doors, heavy-duty access doors for large openings with and without drywall bead flange and plaster bead flange, heavy-duty stainless steel access doors for large openings with exposed flange, and removable access doors with hidden flange.

Featuring our LHD-SS model, designed with a  continuous piano hinge, a thicker frame, and an inside panel release, ideal for larger openings in walls and ceilings. This door is pre-installed with self-latching tool-key operated slam latch and ring operated slam latch. This door is available and ready to ship in 6 business days. 

What are you waiting for? Get a lot of benefits when installing our Cendrex general-purpose access doors. Choose from our different sizes now. Shop at Access Doors and Panels now!

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