Benefits of The Access Panel Installation

Benefits of The Access Panel Installation

Access Doors and Panels on 6th Dec 2018

Benefits of The Access Panel Installation

When it comes to access doors, there are benefits to not only choosing this building material but also benefits to the purpose they serve. Contractors and builders with clients looking to add functionality and versatility know that the choosing an access panel and installing one – whether it be on the floor, ceiling or wall can not only enhance the space but add multiple purposes to the room. Concerned about size? Access Doors and Panels offers a selection of panels ranging from traditional and standard formats to the less conventional and customized frames. 

Panels, no matter the size, shape and purpose can be customized right down to insulation and metal type. For example, a security access panel can come insulated or not, and they can come in various forms of metal. From aluminum to steel, the security access panel is used in high-security spaces, such as labs, prisons or offices with highly classified information. At Access Doors and Panels, we offer security panels that meet these needs and purposes along with the more subtle and versatile panels such as a flush or drywall panel. Access panels provide a level of versatility that clients of contractors don’t realize and think a wall should be a wall and a floor and ceiling are just those. 

So, how does one know what the right access panel? Access Doors and Panels shares things to consider when maximizing the benefits of an access panel. 

Commercial kitchens or high heat exposures – Fire Ratings 

Contractors or builders with client’s who have commercial or industrial kitchens, rooms with heavy-duty machinery where heat can build up. Some panels will offer a coating that can make the panels extremely heat resistant and ideal for kitchens while some will provide a mid-level layer and insulation which are good in rooms that store HVAC or machinery. 

Residential or Commercial Buildings – Material Selection 

Some access panels look precisely as they are described – a panel that gives access; however, based on the material of the panel these panels can be customized to blend if not be part of the wall, floor or ceiling to which they installed in. Drywall panels, especially ones that are flushed are ideal in residential and commercial buildings because they can be painted if not wall-papered over to blend in. Choosing the right material can be as simple as finding the right aesthetic feel to their purpose. Spaces looking to add extra storage or to conceal a breaker box may see a simple drywall access panel as the ideal choice. 

Metal access panels are an ideal choice when installing as a means of adding extra insulation, security or soundproofing. They are also suitable for installation on the exterior where there is exposure to the elements and possibility of corrosion – some access panels can be coated with an anti-corrosive and anti-rust solution.

Floors, Ceilings or Wall – Access Panel Placement 

At Access Doors and Panels, we sell panels that can be placed practically anywhere. From floor panels to ceiling panels and wall ones – panels, like their purpose of versatility are also versatile in their placement. Wall panels are the option of choice when it comes to gaining access to utility boxes, wiring or plumbing. These are things that often require routine maintenance and access which is why the installation of a panel can be convenient and helpful. HVAC units, while they can be large in size, panels make not only hiding and concealing them but easy to access as well. Pairing functionality and versatility with an access panel placement. 

When it comes to access panels the benefits are endless – they can be installed in commercial and residential buildings, they can be metal or of drywall material. Access panels enhance everything from aesthetics to functionality. Lacking in space and storage? Access panels can discreetly add the necessary storage needed. At Access Doors and Panels, we offer a wide range of panels to suit any builder, contractor or home, business owners need. Whatever your needs or your budget, look no further than Access Doors and Panels at

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