Sound Proof Access Panels

A green sign with an image of a speaker and soundwaves to represent our sound-rated access doorsSound Proof Access Panels

Ordinary access panels have little to no sound suppression qualities. In areas that prioritizes utmost privacy and control the amount of sound in the area, we choose sound proof access panels.

At Access Doors And Panels, we offer you great quality doors from Acudor and JL Industries. Our Acudor recessed acoustical and steel flush acoustical access doors are both made from 18 gauge satin coat steel and ideal for use on acoustical drywall walls where maintaining STC (Sound Transmission Class) and OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class) is required. We also have sound rated access door - STC series made from 24 gauge galvanneal steel with continuous piano hinge and 2 x Self tightening, hand operated cam latch. Additional product features include a screwdriver operated compression latch-standard, hex head cam latch, and non-locking and locking black latch.

Proper installation is critical to creating the STC-rated sound barrier. For best results, the use of green glue acoustic sealant is recommended.

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