Plaster Access Hatch

A green sign with paint and paint roller for our plaster access doors and panelsPlaster Access Hatch

When planning the specification of an access door, the material type is among the factors that must be taken into account. For instance, a plaster wall construction requires a specific door type. At Access Doors And Panels, we have access panels from various brands perfect for plaster walls. Choose our plaster access hatch for very easy installation, as well as for aesthetics-- perfect for painting to match the surrounding material finish. Our plaster access hatch has metal beads or mounting holes that enable the panel to sit flush on a surface.

Whether you are looking for fire rated access door, flush access door with or without metal lath, acoustical plaster, or recessed access doors for plaster, you can surely find what you specifically need from us. Purchase our products from outstanding door brands which include Acudor, Cendrex, Elmdor, JL Industries, Karp, MIFAB, and Milcor.

When it comes to fire-rated plaster walls, go for either our insulated and uninsulated fire-rated doors. The 2 ¾” lath flange will disappear, leaving only the door panel visible once covered with plaster. Both doors will also be self-closing and locking once the installation is complete and the provided springs attached. We also offer an insulated fire-rated door that has a fire rating of 1½ hours in vertical wall assemblies, 3 hours for non-combustible horizontal ceiling assembly, and 1 hour for combustible horizontal ceiling assembly, while our uninsulated fire rated door has a 2-hour fire barrier.

What are you waiting for? Shop our quality access doors for plaster walls or ceilings. We supply various projects in the local and neighboring areas. It’s high time you switch to our products too! For orders and inquiries, call us today!