Stucco Access Panel

Stucco Access PanelStucco Access Panel

The use of equipment that is properly rated or can contend with temperature changes makes a worthy addition to your building plans when utility access is needed from the outside of the building. If working around a strong outdoor wall material such as stucco, your choice of an access panel should match its strength and durability.

At Access Doors and Panels, we have a selection of appropriate panels indifferent sizes is applicable for use on stucco surfaces. Furthermore, they are designed to give easy access to maintenance and adjustments when needed and to provide resistance to moisture, heat, and wind.

We are very pleased to introduce to you our cost-effective exterior insulated access door for stucco. When properly installed and maintained, this door can withstand years of exposure to severe outdoor elements. Our galvanized steel door comes with a galvanized hinge combined with an electrostatic rust-inhibitive powder finish that provides two durable protective layers. In order to further weatherproof the door, the corners of the trim and pan are arc-welded and ground smooth, which with the addition of closed-cell neoprene gasket and a lift & turn compression latch, ensures a watertight seal between the door and frame. This door also includes styrofoam insulation that provides resistance to water and water vapor.

If you’re interested to know more about our stucco access panel, fill up our request info form on the product page. Invest in the best products from Access Doors and Panels.