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36" x 36" Lightweight Aluminum Insulated Access Door

Access door and frame shall be fabricated from a .064 inch thick aluminum door panel and .094 inch thick aluminum extruded frame with a mill finish. Doors with width 24 inch or less to have concealed pin hinge. Doors with width over 24 inch to have continuous aluminum piano hinge with exposed knuckle, set to open to 180°. Door will include 0.75 inch Type 3 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foil Lined Insulation, with a 3.18 R Value. Latch shall be screwdriver operated cam latch. Unit will include 0.125 x 0.375 inch closed cell neoprene gasket.



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Door Size:
36" wide x 36" high
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Elmdor 36 x 36 Lightweight Aluminum Insulated Access Door
SKU # AL-36-36

36" x 36" Lightweight Aluminum Insulated Access Door