Hacks for Hiding Those Ugly Wires in Your Office

Hacks for Hiding Those Ugly Wires in Your Office

Access Doors and Panels on 11th Nov 2020

Hacks for Hiding Those Ugly Wires in Your Office

In today's digital age of technology, an office without gadgets is just simply unimaginable. Of course, as indispensable as gadgets may be, these electronics also come with a lot of baggage in the form of wires and cables. Yes, we may be techy people, but it doesn't mean that we like the sight of power cables or lamp cords in the office. Wires are the bane of existence for a person who's clumsy and not aware of their surroundings. If you happen to be this type of person, chances are you've had incidents where you accidentally tripped on cables and damaged them in the process.

Although some people might not have a problem with the wires cluttering around the space, there are still people who are definitely looking for ways to get them out of sight. Unfortunately, what many people probably don't know is that each room has a cable management trick that's unique for the application, and they are so simple that anyone can do the job on their own-- this goes the same for an office space.

To help save you from buying a bunch of washi tapes and saving three month's worth of toilet paper tubes to make weird makeshift holders you can dangle off the back of the desk, Access Doors and Panels wrote this blog to show you some hacks for hiding those ugly wires in your office. Hopefully, you'll be able to apply these methods to get rid of cables out of your eyesight as efficiently as possible.

1. The Power of Binder Clips

Before you think of other complicated ways, why not start first with a simple clip? You can buy binder clips at your local stationery store and use them to bind together long stretches of wires and cables. Forming smaller bundles that can be easily hidden actually works. Using binder clips is the easiest method of doing cable management and won't cost you a lot of money.

2. Book Arrangement Works Too

Another simple way of concealing wires is by stacking books across your console. You can do this by arranging them systematically to keep wires from being seen. Although, you have to make sure the books you'll be using are symmetrical or at least arranged in order not to make it look scattered.

3. Camouflaging an Undercover Router

Don't just stop at hiding wires, take one step further by hiding your router as well. Do you know a fun and creative way of hiding routers? You can do it by hiding the router in the hardcover of an old book. You can also camouflage it by using a decor element that looks creative while at the same time, solving your problem.

4. Design a Gift Box

If you don't want to hide wires, you can just get creative with them. You can either use fancy wire clips to camouflage wires along your walls or use stickers to make a design. By doing this, you can make your wires serve as a decorative element that truly blends in with your interior. The gift box's design must also match with the entire area you're going to place it on. You might end up mismatching the colors, and all your efforts will be a waste of time.

5. Magic in a Magician’s Cloth

A magician's cloth can also be a quick cover-up. This is actually a quick and easy trick when all of your other ideas have failed. For example, your work table has plenty of cables that sprawl on the floor behind, and it annoys you to see such an unorganized display. What you can do is to hide the clutter by using a black cloth and then pinning it behind the desk.

6. The Other Use of Your TV Panel

Whether it's your house or your office, wall mounting your TV is also a great idea. Make a small hole by drilling on the wall and then fix your wires to the height of the television. Also, a wooden back panel can help in covering the wires behind your TV. This is a useful quick fix for hiding away your cables.

7. Use Cordline

If you don't want any of the DIY jobs, one easy method of keeping cables and wires out of sight is to use cable cord covers running down the floor. This is actually pretty easy since you don't have to cut holes on the wall to conceal all those wires. If you want a cable concealer, use Cordline-- this if flexible and wouldn't even require you any handyman skills for installing. The number of Cordline products you have to use will also depend on the cables you need to hide. 

8. Try a Flexi Cable Wrap

For those wires hanging from the back of the TV, you can simply use a cord wrap to hold them together and keep them organized. A Flexi cable wrap is flexible enough that you can even spread it out and then re-fold it. Furthermore, you can conveniently add or remove cables and wires as needed. If you want quick and easy, Flexi cable wrap is the way to go since you can cover the wires in just one go.

9. Put an In-Box Cable Box For Under Desk

For sockets at the end of an extension cord, you can try a cable management system by using an In-Box Cable Box that fits right under the desk or media cabinet. Although they may not look like much of an eyesore the same way as hanging wires and cables, it is still better to cover them. A cable box can accommodate different power cords of different types and sizes. You may simply place the power extender in your extension cord organizer and run the cables through the holes on the side, and lastly, place the lid to hide the evidence.

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11th Nov 2020 Access Doors and Panels