Top Access Panel Brands

Top Access Panel Brands

Access Doors and Panels on 4th Mar 2020

Top Access Panel Brands

Are you currently searching for the access panel in the market? There are thousands of options of access doors available in your local shop and online retails. It makes finding the best one for your commercial building extremely difficult. Also, the fact that you do not know which shop you can trust makes this even harder. But don’t worry! This article will indeed teach you about the top access panel brands.

This article will help you know which type of access panel is best for your building. Moreover, we will discuss which access panel brands are the most reliable for commercial construction. You will also know the strengths and unique attributes of each brand. At Best Access Doors, we offer various access panels of different brands to suit your needs and budget.

Why do you need a quality access panel?

Access panels do not only differ in material but also in their purposes. It is essential to know the functions and versatility that you want when looking for an access panel. However, you have to make sure to find the right kind and the best quality of access panel brands. Depending on the quality and purpose, an access panel can benefit you in many ways.

For example, choosing the right of metal for your security access door will significantly affect its insulation, fire rate, and durability. In other words, the level of security that it can bring will depend on the panel brand you will choose. Besides that, access doors can hide the unsightly wiring systems in your building and make it accessible simultaneously. Also, there are different kinds of access panels that you could use. Some of these are for walls, roofs, ducts, jacuzzis, bathroom plumbing, and floors.

Here are some major access panel brands to consider when researching access panels:


Are you aiming to install a recessed access door for your drywall? If you are looking for an access panel brand that can seamlessly blend to a wall, then Bauco is the one for you. At Access Doors and Panels, Bauco is one of our quality brands that offer an array of steel and metal access doors. It can perfectly match its surrounding surface, which is perfect for the aesthetic aspect of your building. Moreover, Bauco can give a clean and finished surface without any visible hardware.

This brand is the best pick for those who want to keep their office or building leaning on its aesthetic side. Those who want to keep everything minimalistic should also aim for this kind of access panel. Despite not being fire-rated, Bauco is still safe and can give proper insulation for a room. It comes in different sizes and can also be customized depending on the preference of its buyer.


With a reputation spanning over 20 years, Acudor is an access panel brand that provides customers with trusted and reliable products. Acudor has earned a reputation for being the perfect brand for any commercial or industrial project. Their access panels are not only known for their exceptional quality, but they are also known for their affordability. They have different designs depending on other building locations, such as walls, ceilings, and roofs.

Moreover, Acudor offers different sizes depending on what their customer is looking for. They even provide access to panel customization if the customer may not find the right size for them. You can choose from their gypsum access panels to their fire-resistant and steel roof hatches. Whatever your project needs, ACUDOR has demonstrated over time that their access panels are quality made and designed. May it be residential, commercial, or industrial, this brand prides itself on being the best across the globe.


Being one of the oldest access panel brands in the market, Karp has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of access panels since 1956. It perfectly demonstrates innovation and automation for access doors and panels. Karp access panels provide quality panels that have evolved to suit different needs and purposes of buildings. They offer different types of access panels that come in other materials and sizes. Moreover, customers may request customization in cases where they need a unique dimension for their access panel.

From floor doors to security panels, Best Access Doors provides an array of Karp panels. Aside from its access panel technology, one of the things that this company is proud of is being environment friendly. Their products consist of a minimum of 35% post and 35% post-consumer industrial recycled steel. Karp makes sure that all of a scrap of materials in manufacturing will not go to waste.


Do you want to improve the image and functionality of your commercial facility? Then it would be best if you watched out for this quality access panel brand. Cendrex is a leading manufacturer in customized access panels. For clients looking for smaller or larger access panels without breaking the bank, Cendrex is the brand that anyone can trust and rely on. Not to mention that they work fast, and you can expect your customized access panel in just two weeks.

Furthermore, Cendrex offers top quality access panels, from fire-rated to floor hatch and recessed ones. This company helps preserve entry on critical and unsightly areas behind the walls, floors, or ceilings. Their panels are best for easy access to wiring and plumbing systems to facilitate repairs and maintenance. They are also environmentally-friendly access panel brands as they work hard to minimize their carbon footprints in manufacturing. Best Access Doors can show you how Cendrex can meet and fulfill your specialized building needs if you are interested.

Whatever your budget or building needs, trust that Best Access Doors has the best access panel brand for you. We offer various designs, brands, and functions of access doors to meet our clients’ standards. If you are interested, you can visit us at Access Doors Panels and find the panel to suit your project needs. Need more help with choosing the right access panel? Don’t worry. Our trusted and reliable associates can guide you through the process.

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